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This website is designed to introduce and explore the works of Robert E. Cox, who is an intuitive scholar of ancient traditions, an alchemist well-versed in the practice and theory of sacred metallurgy, and the author of several recent books intended to unveil secrets that have been hidden throughout all the ages. 

In his most recent book: The Final Event: Dawn of the Age of Truth, May 2009, First World Publishing, the author draws upon his own intuitive insights, ancient prophetic traditions, and astronomical calculations to predict the timing of events associated with the Apocalypse—the lifting of the veil at the end of the cycle of ages.  

On an individual level, the lifting of the veil results in the revelation of gnosis—direct mystical knowledge of the one eternal Self. This is the Final Event of the mortal soul, and the First Event of the immortal soul.  

On a collective level, it will result in the dawn of a new Age of Truth (Satya Yuga) for all mankind, involving new forms of consciousness, knowledge, science, technology, economy, and social organization. In other words, it will result in a new civilization unlike anything seen in recorded history. 

The author predicts that this global transformation will occur over a seven-year period beginning in June 2009. During the first forty-two months, culminating in December 2012, the forces of Darkness will progressively dominate over the forces of Light, and during the second forty-two months, culminating in June 2016, the forces of Light will progressively dominate over the forces of Darkness. 

In the end, the forces of Darkness will be destroyed, the veil of ignorance will be removed, and the earth and all of its inhabitants will enjoy a new Golden Age—an era of unprecedented peace, progress, and spiritual enlightenment. 

The information presented on this website is intended for the citizens of the new Golden Age, who will rebuild the world anew, based upon new enlightened principles pertaining to all human affairs, both worldly and divine.

The author believes that he himself does not have much time left on this earth, and given the immediacy of the coming global transformation, has chosen to make available on this site the essence of the wisdom that he has received, in both verbal and written form, so that it will not be lost with his passing.

The Secret of the Ages

Throughout the ages there has been a secret, so powerful, so capable of yielding both spiritual and worldly wealth, that the ancient sages kept it hidden with all their might lest it be misused by those unworthy to receive it.

This secret has been the subject of countless myths and legends, and has been sought after by powerful men, women, and organizations throughout history. Over the course of the last two thousand years, a few secret societies claimed to posses this secret, and it served to inspire many great works of art, architecture, and literature.

But the secret goes back much father than the last two thousand years. It goes back to the very beginnings of human culture and civilization on earth, to the previous Golden Age, which dawned some 13,000 years ago, during the astrological age of Leo. This secret has three aspects.

  1. First, it pertains to a tangible thing, something that can be held in the hands. This tangible thing serves as the key. This is the Dietrich, the Skeleton Key, that opens the way.
  2. Second, it pertains to an ideological doctrine related to the attainment of spiritual immortality—an attainment that involves a mystical journey through all the heavens above and the underworlds below.
  3. Third, it pertains to a holy bloodline, initiated by the seven sages or seven seers at the dawn of the previous Golden Age, whose descendants became the seer-kings and seer-priests of the earliest civilizations on earth.

Now that we stand at the end of the cycle of ages, it is time for this secret to be made available to the public for the first time in history. The ancients believed that whoever publicly revealed this secret in clear and unambiguous terms would be subject to Anathema—the curse of God. However, this was due to the nature of the time that is now coming to an end. Things are different now, and things will be remarkably different in the future.

 The Alchemical Key

In the contect of Western culture, this secret pertains to the holy grail, a French term that has two correlated meanings as san greal (holy vessel) and sang real (holy blood). Although the myth of the holy grail is presumably of western origins, it actually hearkens back to the ancient Rig Veda, where the holy blood was called the amrita rasa, literally the "immortal blood". The Sanskrit term rasa (blood) was a cognate term for soma--the food and drink of the gods.

I have tasted, as one who knows its secret, the honeyed (soma) drink that inspires and grants freedom, the drink that all, both gods and mortals, seek to obtain, calling it rasa. We have drunk the soma, we have become immortal; we have gone to the light; we have found the gods.--Rig Veda 8:48

Although the term rasa means "blood", it also means "mercury" as in liquid metallic mercury, the principal ingredient from which the famous philosopher's stone or alchemical elixir was made. The sidha traditions of alchemy in medieval India were thus called the rasavidya traditions--where the term rasa-vidya means "the wisdom (or science) of mercury".

But this was no ordinary mercury. The term rasa refers to a specially prepared form of metallic mercury, called philosophical mercury, as well as the elixir produced from it, using both gold and antimony. According to all of the old alchemical traditions, the final elixir, produced through a nine or ten month rite, was a fine powder (Arabic: ixir, hence elixir = al + ixir = the powder), which had a deep red color--the color of congealed blood.

This red powder, produced from the metals by a secret alchemical process, could be consumed in dry form as a "food" or suspended in water, alcohol, or any other fluid and consumed as a "drink." The Egyptians referred to this as the red ale--the sacredotal drink produced in the House of Life (Per Ankh) by the Heliopolitan priesthood. This was the drink that the pharoahs consumed to assist in their journey through the sky, where they went "to the light", "found the gods", and became immortal.

This immortal blood (amrita rasa) is the Dietrich--the Skeleton Key--that opens all the doors, and allows the illumined soul to begin its mystical journey through both the "upper sky" (the heavens) inhabited by the gods (devas), and the "lower sky" (the underworlds), inhabited by the anti-gods (asuras), and it was the most closely kept secret of the elite bloodlines that formed the earliest civilizations on earth.

In this case, the holy vessel (san greal), which contains the immortal blood (sang real), simultaneously represents both the alchemical (hermetically sealed) vessel, in which the elixir is produced, and the human body, which contains the elixir after it is consumed. Upon consumption the elixir is carried by the blood, which rests in the heart, and flows through every limb of the body. 

It is you, O Soma, who guard our bodies; in each of our limbs you have made your abode. Our weariness and pains are now far removed; the forces of darkness have fled in fear. Soma has surged within us mightily. We have reached our goal! Life is prolonged! The drop that we have drunk has entered our hearts, an immortal inside mortals.--Rig Veda 8:48

In the Vedic tradition, the alchemical vessel was called the khumba--"the pot" that contains the amrita rasa. Khumba is also the name of the sign of Aquarius in Vedic astrology. This is the pot carried by Aquarius in the Greek tradition. The pot of Aquarius contained the ambrosia--the drink of the gods, by when they were rendered immortal.

The implication is that the coming age of Aquarius will be the age when the lost alchemical key, the fabulous elixir that "all, both gods and mortals, seek to obtain, calling it rasa," will be rediscovered and made available to every human being on earth, and not just the elite few. The secrets pertaining to the lost alchemical process and the elixir produced by it will be revealed in the author's upcoming book: The Elixir of Immortality: A Modern-Day Alchemist's Quest for the Philosopher's Stone, November 2009, Inner Traditions.

The Mystical Journey

Although the elixir was deemed capable of extending the span of human life on earth, and thus increasing longevity beyond the ordinary period, the "immortality" sought by the ancients was not physical immortality, but spiritual immortality, the full immortality of the soul in the bosom of the infinite. To obtain full spiritual immortality the soul must first become enlightened, or obtain gnosis, that is, direct mystical experience of the one eternal Self.

Gnosis is the gateway, doorway, or portal to the other world, the transcendental, metaphysical, and spiritual world of the Self, and in the earliest cultures on earth, the elixir was deemed the key to open that door.

Once that door becomes open, the soul obtains the "eyes to see" and the "ears to hear" that which the physical eyes and ears cannot. In other words, the soul becomes endowed with spiritual vision--the divine or supernormal senses that enable it to apprehend the "hidden spiritual world", which is hidden behind the scenes of the physical world.

In actuality, there are many such "spiritual worlds", which operate on different scales of space and time. The spectrum of spirtual worlds was thus compared to a divine ladder, or stairway to the sky, which the enlightened soul must ascend and descend in order to become like God, the Supreme Being, whose awareness supports and embraces them all.

This process of ascent and descent was compared to a mystical journey through the spiritual sky--both the upper sky, which embraces all the worlds "above", and the lower sky, which embraces all the worlds "below". This can be compared to ascending "mount salvation" in search of the holy grail, the mere sight of which, or the mere taste of which, makes the wasteland of the physical creation whole, and renders the soul immortal.

In actuality, this journey does not involve "going" anywhere at all. It merely involves changing the scale of observation--the scale of consciousness--by means of which the spiritual worlds are apprehended. Moreover, it does not require physical death. It merely requires the death of the individual ego, which is accomplished by the attainment of gnosis, or Self-knowledge.

However, it is literally experienced as a "journey" through the sky, whereby the enlightened soul progressively embraces and become identified with larger and larger portions of both the physical Cosmos and the metaphysical Logos. During the process of this journey, the soul becomes identified with all the "gods"--whose shining celestial bodies appear as the stars, the galaxies, and cosmic egg taken as a whole.

And then, going beyond the physical Cosmos, beyond the outermost shell of the cosmic egg, the soul enters into the abode of immortality, which is filled with countless cosmic eggs (or universes) similar to our own. In the Vedic literature, these cosmic eggs were compared to supreme atoms (param anus) in the immortal body of the Supreme Being.

These supreme atoms, each of which is a universe unto itself, are organized in the form of an infinite crystalline lattice, resembling the sodium-chloride lattice--the internal lattice geometry of ordinary table salt. As such, the crystalline body of the metaphysical Logos, the immortal body of the Supreme Being, can be compared to the "Salt of the Earth"--the archetypal and transcendental essence on the basis of which the physical Cosmos is conceived and created.

Like the mortal human body, which is composed of biological cells nourished by mortal blood, the immortal divine body is composed of crystallographic cells, which are nourished by the amrita rasa--the immortal blood of the Supreme Being. In this higher, non-physical sense, the amrita rasa (holy blood = sang real) represents the flowing essence of unbounded pure consciousness, which is contained in the crystallographic cells (holy vessel = san greal) of the immortal body.

By merely seeing that immortal body, or tasting its flowing essence, the soul becomes identified with it, and thus rendered truly immortal, and simultaneously the wasteland of the material creation is rendered whole, such that mortality is covered by immortality. Attaining union or identification with the immortal body of God, the Supreme Being, is the culmination of the mystical journey--the goal of the path of immortality.

This is not a matter of spiritual speculation. Over twenty years ago, the author was given a "guided tour" of this path by a divine messenger, who allowed the author to see through his eyes, and understand through his mind, the mystical journey that is the ultimate destiny of all mortal souls. The various wisdoms regarding this path are revealed by the author in his book Creating the Soul-Body: The Sacred Science of Immortality, May 2008, Inner Traditions.

The Elite Bloodlines

The mythological accounts of the earliest civilizations on earth tell a similar story regarding their own origins. They speak of a time, long before the advent of historical civilization, when the earth resembled a veritable paradise and the gods walked among men. This refers to the first age of the current cycle, which began about 13,000 years ago, during the previous age of Leo. In the Vedic tradition this was known as the Age of Truth (Satya Yuga) and in the Egyptian tradition it was known as the First Time (Zep Tepi).

It was during this age that the seven-fold presence of the Unborn Creator was manifested on earth by seven divine men, variously known as the seven sages (Egyptian) or the seven seers (Vedic). The Hermetic texts identify these as incarnations of the seven cosmic Administors, whose working is called Destiny.

Nature mingled in marriage with Man, brought forth a marvel most marvelous. Inasmuch as Man had got from the structure of the heavens the character of the seven Administrators…Nature tarried not, but forthwith gave birth to seven Men, according to the characters of the seven Administrators…and the Man in them changed from Life and Light into soul and mind, soul from Life and mind from Light. And all things remained so until the end of a period.--Hermetica, Scott, pp. 123-125.

These seven divine incarnations traversed the globe yet untravelled, set all beings in their proper order, and initated the divine bloodlines that would eventually evolve into the lines of seer-kings and seer-priests of the earliest civilizations on earth. Prior to the evolution of these "civilized cultures", during the previous Age of Truth, there was a global Mother Culture, where the descendants of the seven sages (the gods who walked the earth), were known as the "sons of the gods".

In the Vedic tradition, these were called the angirasas, the followers of Agni, and in the Egyptian tradition, they were called the shemsu-hor, the followers of Horus. In both cases, the historical lineages of kings and priests were said to have descended from them. This is the third part of the "secret", which pertains to the holy bloodlines, descended from the "gods", who walked the earth prior to the dawn of civilization. 

In this case, the immortal blood (amrita rasa = sang real) corresponds to the blood that flowed through the limbs of the elite or noble classes, who ruled the earliest civilzations, and the holy vessel, which contains the immortal blood, corresponds to the female womb from which the descendants of the gods sprang, generation after generation.

During the earliest phases of the Age of Truth, this blood was infused with the immortal spirit of God, the Supreme Being, and needed no supplement. But over the long course of time, spanning several thousand years, the immortal blood became diluted, and had to be renewed. This is when the art and science of alchemy--the secret science of the alchemical elixirs--began to be practiced by the elite classes in an attempt to maintain and supplement the spiritual power of their blood.

After the fall of the "old" civilizations, around 2000 BC, the art and science of alchemy, and the mystical wisdom regarding the path of immortality, became more or less preserved by secret societies, the esoteric mystery schools, which operated on an initiatic, rather than an hereditary, basis. By the time of the European Rennaissance, much of this wisdom and science was lost, and the secret societies of Europe, largely populated by the noble classes, who claimed descent from the original divine bloodlines, sought to revive it, all under the watchful eye of the Roman Catholic Church, which was quick to proclaim such things as hersesy.

However, these modern inheritors of the ancient mystery schools were not truly enlightened, or free from individual ego, and as a result, the ancient wisdom became largely misunderstood and perverted. The secret societies thus became hotbeds of political and economic intrugue with a Luciferic tendency. Today, these societies largely rule the world, both economically and politically, and have in mind a return to a "feudal system", where they will be reinstated as "lords" of the earth, with the rest of humanity as their vassals. 

This represents a "spiritual fall", where the light of Self-knowledge has become veiled by the shadow of ego, and true knowledge has become covered by a veil of false illusion. The coming global transformation is designed to rectify this situation, by removing the veil of ignorance that has shadowed the human soul for the last few thousand years. This Apocalypse will initiate a new Age of Truth for all mankind.

The Cycle of Ages

There is an ancient principle that the beginning of a thing determines its future. The previous cycle of ages began some 13,000 years ago in the age of Leo, an astrological sign that represents the elite and noble classes. The previous cycle, which is now coming to an end, thus marked the ascendancy of the elite classes, the rulers of society.

Over the course of the last 13,000 years the key has remained in their possession, and they derived from it the worldly and spiritual power by which they ruled the masses and directed the course of human destiny.

This was especially true prior to 2000 BC, when the earliest civilizations on earth, (in Egypt, Sumer, and Pakistan-India), fell apart. Since that time, the secret has been more or less preserved by secret societies, composed largely of the elite classes.

However, the key to the secret has been lost, the ideological doctrines pertaining to spiritual immortality have become misunderstood and perverted, and the holy bloodline has become watered down and dispersed. As a result, the secret societies extant today hold but a shadow of the secret that once inspired the most enduring civilizations the world has ever known.

The coming cycle of ages, on the other hand, will begin with the age of Aquarius, an astrological sign that represents the common class, the mass of humanity. The coming cycle, which will endure for the next 13,000 years, will thus mark the ascendancy of the common man, the general public.

This means that the key is destined to be held in the hands of all and not just an elite few. It means that we are all destined to become the sons and daughters of immortality, possessing the key, the doctrine, and the divine blood, which the ancients sought with all their might to keep hidden.

Now that we stand at the end of the previous cycle and the beginning of the next, it is time to lift the veil of secrecy—to publicly reveal the secret in clear and unambiguous terms for the benefit of all mankind. That is the purpose of this website and all the author’s books.

The Time of Tribulation

Over the course of the next seven years, starting in June 2009, there will be a terrible struggle between the old order, represented by the elite classes of society, who currently hold the reigns of power, and the new order, represented by the common masses of humanity, who are currently powerless.

There will be an attempt by the elite members of society to reassert their unquestioned and absolute authority over the masses. However, this represents the last dying breath of the previous cycle, which marked their ascendancy.

Their plan, and trust me, there is a plan, to reassume the reigns of absolute authority and re-establish the divine right of kings, thus abolishing all forms of democracy, will ultimately fail. Time is not in their favor. Their time has come and gone.

Nevertheless, there will be an attempt to put this plan into place by engineering a catastrophic collapse of the world economy, resulting in global social chaos. It is their hope that the masses will accept their unquestioned authority as the saviors of humanity, who are capable of restoring order through control.

The elite members of society, many of whom claim to have descended from kings and queens of old, seek to establish a one-world government and a one-world currency, of which they are the rulers and bankers. This is not necessarily diabolical.

It is clear that humanity is at war with itself, and that if we continue on our current course, we are bound to destroy both ourselves and our planet. The need for change is thus clear and the elite members of society believe that they are in a position to be the harbingers of that change—for the betterment of all.

However, behind this veneer of public interest, there is also an undercurrent of self-interest, and that is the problem. Unlike the great seer-kings and seer-priests of the ancient past, who were devoid of individual ego, the current elite members of society are plagued by individual ego, and are thus unfit to be absolute rulers with the authority of gods on earth. In spite of their presumably good intentions, their plan for world dominance will not come to fruition. It will be thwarted by the influence of time.

This influence will begin to be felt in December 2012, at which point the reigns of power and control, currently held in the hands of the establishment, will begin to erode. By June 2016, these reigns will have dissolved and a new type of society, illumined by the light of pure knowledge, will begin to emerge. Unlike the historical societies known in the past, which have been based upon class distinctions, the new society will be based upon the equality of the one eternal Self—which is the same in all.

It will take some 400 years for this new society to emerge as a global civilization, filled with spiritual and technological wonders beyond imagination, but it will emerge. This is not a matter of conjecture. It the destiny of mankind, and is built into the very fabric of the universe.

There is no doubt that the next seven years will be difficult. It will be a time of great Tribulation for the majority of the human population on earth. But one should not despair. To use an analogy, the coming time of Tribulation can be compared to the birth pangs of a new civilization—a new social order, which will be much more glorious and life-supporting than anything that has come before.

Educate Yourself

The best protection during this period will be knowledge. We are about to enter a time of many illusions, and to avoid being trapped by those illusions, we must become armed with the sword of truth. Toward this end, the secret of the ages must be revealed, and you must educate yourself in that secret, so that it can become the province of all—and not just an elite few, as in ages long past.

It is time for that which has remained hidden to be revealed. There are many secrets revealed on these pages, in the author’s discourses and writings, that you will not find anywhere else. Take the time to peruse these secrets and make an effort to understand them, for the author will soon be gone, and it will all be left up to you. In times to come you will become the custodians of the knowledge and the bearers of truth, and during the coming Age of Truth, it will be your job to rebuild the new civilization on a solid foundation. I hereby pass on to you what has been given to me.

May God Help Us All.